The University of Northampton Students' Union is committed to providing the best possible student experience. Through our Stallions Sports Clubs, Student Societies, Volunteer Projects and RAG Fundraising events and initiatives we beleive we have a fun and competitive offer to ensure that there is always something for everyone!


Since 2013, we have also been one of only two students' unions in England to offer free sport - a fantastic and unique offer that could stand to save hundreds, if not over £1000 compared to other institutions over a three year period. You'll receive free professional coaching sessions at training every week, all match day costs and all transport costs paid for. With 35 Sports Clubs to choose from and all abilities catered for you'll want to make sure you don't miss out!


In 2014 we became the first students' union to offer free societies - an offer that has since been replicated at other institutions - the removal of membership fees has seen participation in our societies increase substantially and the number of fun and varied activities soar. With societies ranging from the Cake Society and Harry Potter Society to those based around your academic studies such as Criminology or History, to faith groups and international cultural groups, we've a diverse array of student groups for you to join and get involved in. 


Our range of Volunteer Projects increase every year, last year seeing the introduction of a student allotment and on-campus microbrewery! In addition to our Safe Sex Volunteers, Nightline Listeners, three international projects and a number of RAG fundraising activities, there are opportunities for everyone, regardless of your time commitment, that are both fun and will add to your employability skills. 


To find out more about any of our student activities, find contact details or join a Sports Club or Society use the menu on the left.