Logging Your Volunteer Hours


Volunteering doesn't have to be based in the community, it can encapsulate any commitment of your time to support others. If you're spending time organising events for your Society, promoting your Sports Club or recruiting fundraisers for a charity close to your heart - that's volunteering!

At the University of Northampton Students' Union we encourage all our students to log and record their volunteering hours. You'll gain recognition from the University and Union for your work and be supported in how to articulate your skill development through these activities to future employers. 

PLUS there are often great incentives for passing major milestones in your volunteer hour records - as if there wasn't already good incentive to start logging your hours!

To log your volunteering hours follow these three simple steps:


Step 1

Set up your Volunteer Profile. If you're volunteering in a democratically elected role you'll not have set up your Volunteer Profile before. Answer a few quick questions about your interests in volunteer activity and you'll be good to get started. 


Step 2

Apply for your Volunteer Role by searching our Volunteer Opportunities. Please note if you've been elected to a position for example a Sports Club or Society Committee role you will still need to "apply" for this position to be able to start recording your hours. Don't worry we know you're already in post! 


Step 3 

Once you've been approved to the role go to 'Your account/profile' in the top right hand menu. Then select the 'my volunteering' tab to log your first timesheet!