Advice & Support


The Students' Union is here for you and strives to support its members in any way possible. If you need someone to back you up with a particular problem no matter how big or small, we're willing to listen and help.


We offer a wide range of advice on different issues, including:

  • Academic Advice- Including appeals, situations relating to mitigating circumstances with coursework and complaints directed at the university. 
  • Car Safety- Tips on how to keep your vehicle and its contents safe in and around campus.
  • Consumer Advice- How to tackle problems when it comes to buying and refunding various products.
  • Financial- How to manage your finances when you've got a tight budget to stick to.
  • Housing- Tips on how to manage relationships with landlords and housing agencies etc.
  • Personal Safety- How to stay safe at university and in Northampton as a whole.
  • Well Being- Information on the Nightline service, which is designed to be there for students to chat in confidence.


Appointments can be made at reception on either campus or you can send a direct email to the Students' Union Social Policy Advisor, Wei on