Plagiarism is when a student submits work for assessment, which they claim to be their own but actually contains material that belongs to another person. The University considers plagiarism to be a type of academic misconduct.

 How to avoid plagiarising:

  • Allow plenty of time to research and write your coursework.
  • Ask your tutor straight away if you are not sure what you are doing.
  • Keep a record of all sources that you have read/looked at as well as useful quotes and where they are from.
  • Access the SKILLS HUB to help your knowledge of referencing and plagiarism

  • Access to UNPAC on NILE site to learn about how to avoid Plagiarism.
  • Watch how to avoid Plagiarism video on:

  • Access this interactive guide to referencing using the Harvard system.

  • Book an appointment with CfAP (Centre for Achievement and Performance) to receive free expert guidance and tuition on any academic skill including essay writing, dissertations, critical analysis etc.

University of Northampton considers Plagiarism to be a type of Academic Misconduct.