Student Complaints


If you are dissatisfied with a service that the University is providing, or if you wish to complain about any action by University staff or department, there is a procedure to ensure that your concerns are dealt with properly and fair:


Step one: Informal complaint

You should always try to resolve a problem as close as possible to its source. Most complaints raised by students are dealt with this informal complaint process involving discussions with people in the Schools or department where the difficulty has arisen.


Step two: Making a formal complaint

In some cases students feel that their complaint has not been resolved by the informal process. In such cases you can progress the complaint to a higher level by completing and submitting the Student Complaints Form. You should submit the form to the Director of Student & Academic Services.  

At this stage, the university will appoint an investigator carry out an investigation into the matter (s) that you have raised and to report back to you.


Step three: Processing your formal complaint stage 2

If the appointed investigator considers that the complaint remains unresolved and/or that there are grounds for referring the complaint to stage 2, your complaint will be proceed to stage 2. In this case, your complaint will be referred to a Complaints Panel. The Complaints Panel will conduct a formal Hearing. All parties are required and will be given reasonable notice to attend the Hearing.

The Complaints Panel will conclude whether the complaint is, or is not upheld. The decision of the Complaints Panel is final and marks the end of the university’s internal Student Complaints Procedure.  


Step Four: Applying review to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)  

When your complainants reach the end of the university’s internal Student Complaint Procedure, you will be issued with a ‘completion of Procedure’ letter. You will have right to apply for review to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education.


How long will it take for reaching a decision about my complaint?  

If you can resolve your issues at the informal stage then it will not take very long at all.

If you make a formal complaint then the investigation may take as long as six weeks (perhaps longer if it is during a University vacation). You receive support on finding out about an update on the progress of your complaint. Please contact Wei Zhao (student advice co-ordinator) on email or on 01604 892272