Study Break / Suspension of Study


You can, in certain circumstances request a study break/ suspension of study from your course normally this will be on the basis of

  • Long-term illness
  • Personal circumstances resulting in the student’s temporary inability to continue on the course.

There is something you cannot do during periods of suspension of study. You: 

  • Will not be engaging with their programme i.e. will not receive academic support or undertake assessments
  • Will not have access to any University facilities i.e. Library, IT Services.

Please also aware that you cannot suspend their studies in order to complete their dissertations or any other outstanding assessments.

Before you make your decision on apply for a study break/suspension of study, discuss it with your Course Leader (for Single Honours) or an Academic Advisor (for Joint Honours) before completing a “Suspension of study” form. If you are an international student you must make sure that your visa allows you to take a study break. You must ask for advice (as explained above) before your request can be approved.  

Once you have decided that you need to make an application for a study break/suspension of study, these are the steps and stages the application will normally go through:

  • Complete the application form (the form are also available in the Students’ Union).

Complete sections 1 and 2 of the application form. These sections will contain all the information relating to your application. You also have an opportunity to explain the reason of requesting study break/suspension of study.

  • Seek advice and obtain signatures

You must seek advice and obtain signatures from your course leader and academic adviser to complete the section 3 of the application form. The study break/suspension of study will not be approved if the section 3 is incomplete.

  • Submit your application

Once you are satisfied and you have all the information together, submit your application to your Student Administration Team. If you are an international student you MUST take the form to the University Compliance officer.

  • Approval 

The University of Northampton will write to you to confirm approval of the study break/suspension of study, noting the anticipated return date and any specific requirements regarding resits. The university will also complete the necessary procedures and inform Student Loans/Bursaries/other external bodies/ all relevant  

  • Attending a review meeting

You will be invited to a review meeting with the Course Leader or Framework Office for confirmation of your intended return and for confirmation of your readiness to return, the return date and any other requirements prior to re-commencement of the course (e.g. Occupational Health clearance).