What is the Students' Union?

Welcome to the University of Northampton Students’ Union and congratulations on getting your place.

The Students' Union is here to make your transition from home life to uni life as easy and fun as possible. We are set on giving you not only the best Freshers Fortnight but commitment and engagment throughout your time at the University of Northampton. The Students' Union has put together some facts on what we actually do here and how you can get involved too. 

1. Every student at the University of Northampton is automatically a member.

You don't have to worry about signing up, we've done it for you; making you part of a strong and vibrant community of 15,000 people for your time here. You can join sports teams or societies and find people with similar likes and interests as you. You are also automatically invited to our club nights, Insane Tuesdays. 

2. We are a non-for-profit organisation

This means that we are a charity, and as such all the profits from our outlets are fully invested back into the Union, which allows us to provide you with an amazing rage of events, activities and a support service. We are also one of two universities that offer free sports and societies, meaning that you don't have to pay a penny to do what you love. 

3. We are completely independent from the University of Northampton.

Although we work closely with the university, we are actually a seperate organisation which means you can come to us for advice or queries without the university knowing. We offer various education services to make sure you are recieving the best advice possible for your academic journey along with the fun aspects of university. 

6. We have five venues and retail outlets across campuses destined to cater to your needs.

These range from our Art Shop on Avenue Campus, to our restaurant and club venue on Park Campus. We also offer a loyalty point service, in which you get points back for every transaction, these can be redeemed in any of our venues and retail spaces.

7. We exist to represent you.

Form your Sabbatical Officers, to your School Representatives at grassroots level. We are here to make sure that your voice is heard by the University and any academic issues you may have are dealt with.

8. We want to help you develop yourself.

There are so many oppertunities with the Students' Union from part time jobs within our venues to executive part time officers. We want to help you develop and grow as a person and therefore want to give you as many oppertunities as possible. 

9. We are a hub for volunteering.

We run and collaborate with numerous volunteering projects both locally and internationally in which you can get involved with. All our committee members at the University of Northampton Students’ Union are classed as volunteers, which not only looks great on your CV but it can lead to numerous rewards.