What Sports Clubs do you have?

Joining a Sports Club during your time at University is not only a great way to keep active and meet new people for free, but it can also open many doors and help you develop multiple skills that will definitely benefit your future career which ever path it may be. Watch the video below to find out more about our Sports Clubs at Northampton.

To join a Club you'll have to attend Union Day, a two day event held on September 25 and 276,in which you will be able to meet the teams and find out about their trials and joining in process!

Northampton is one of only two Students' Unions in the UK to offer free sport - a fantastic and unique offer that could stand to save our students hundreds, if not over £1000 each compared to other institutions over a three year period. Our Stallions Sports Clubs receive free professional coaching sessions at training every week, all match day costs and all transport costs paid for. We have over 35 Sports Clubs to choose from and all abilities catered for, you'll want to make sure you don't miss out! Click on the link to see all the sports we have to offer!