Coming to university is a new and exciting experience, for many of you it can also be quite daunting and loads of questions will arise from the time you have been accepted until you get here, for that reason we have put together a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions, which you can read below.


When Does Freshers start this year?

Students’ Union Freshers activities begin on Saturday September 22 for the 2017/18 academic year and we'll be bringing you a fortnight's worth of fun events and activities designed to start your University experience in the best way possible!

Union Day will be taking place on the 24th September this year, 10-4pm. Its a great way to find out what your Union can do for you, meet our Sports Clubs and Societies or get some great free stuff. How could you refuse?


I’m interested in joining a society or sports team. How do I go about this?

Signing up is simple. Each Sports Club or Society will be present at Union Day, failing that you can always sign up on our website.  Also, joining a Club or Society at Northampton is totally FREE, with no membership fee required. We are one of two  Students’ Unions in England to do so.


Okay, so I want to join say, the rugby union team. When will trials be? And how often is training?

Trials are usually organised in the weeks after Freshers. Training is usually once or twice a week, and matches usually run through October to March. A Varsity tournament will follow in the last week of the spring term. We have won Varsity against Derby for four consecutive years in April.

Further detail on sports clubs are available on our website.


What is the deposit for Halls? 

The deposit for a room in any of the Halls is £300, and is refundable as long as you keep everything as you found it. 


When do we pay the deposit?

You will pay the deposit when you receive an offer for a room and accept it. Make sure you complete all relevant application forms beforehand.


Do I need a TV license?

Anyone watching live TV through any device needs to purchase a TV license. Whether you are watching it on a TV, through BBC iPlayer on your laptop or ITV player on a smartphone. It is illegal to watch live TV without one, so make sure you get yours before anyone comes knocking.

You can find more information on the TV Licensing website including how to get a refund over the Summer if you return home.


Is there a doctors on Campus?

Yes, there is. The Health Centre is located opposite the Learning Hub next door to the Chaplaincy. You will be able to register as part of enrolment on campus.


Is there a gym on Campus?

There is not a gym on Waterside Campus however there are a number of affordable options in the town centre including Fitness4Less, Pure Gym and Trilogy just across Beckets Park from campus. 


How do I find people who are either on the same course or in the same flat as me?

The best way is to join the Official 2018 Applicant Group to get chatting to other people like you. 


What’s the deal with the buses?

The Uno bus network has changed pretty dramatically since we've moved to Waterside you can find the bus routes, timetables and up to date news and information by visiting their website at www.unobus.info 


Is my University Accommodation Damage Deposit Refundable?

Provided your room is left in one piece when you leave - then yes it will. As the name suggests, the deposit is to be used against any damages that you might make. If your offer to the University is conditional and you unfortunately fail to be accepted to the University, your deposit will be refunded to you at that time. 


Will I receive more than one University Accommodation offer? Will I receive choices?

You will only receive one offer from the University for student accommodation in halls. The University receives a large number of accommodation applications and your offer will reflect that which you have indicated as being important to you in your application.


When do I get my timetable?

You'll receive a timetable for Welcome Week  and a provisional timetable, but until everyone has made their module choices there are still a small number of changes made. You'll receive a firm timetable a couple of weeks into the academic year.


What Societies are there?

We have a large variety of Student Societies at the Students' Union and its an ever changing list. To view the Societies currently on offer visit the Students' Union website


Do I need to send proof of grades?

This varies from course to course, but if you need to submit any proof of your qualifications you will receive an email asking you to do so.


Do rooms in Halls have hoovers, irons?

Each flat is provided with an ironing board - they would be horrendous to travel with - but you'll need to supply your own iron. Hoovers can be borrowed from the housekeeping team to keep your own room neat and tidy, but remember cleaners will do it for you once a week if you want them to.


Do we have lectures on the weekend?

Lectures are held Monday - Friday, however, field trips and excursions may take place over weekends on an ad hoc basis. There might also be a number of event or extra-curricular activities that you might want to get involved in.


I'm looking for private sector accommodation - can you help?

The University can! Visit their website here for helpful tips and resources.


Are there bursaries or scholarships available to help me pay for University?

The University have a wide range of scholarships, awards and bursaries. For further details of those that are available visit their website.