Continuing Professional Development


The University of Northampton Students' Union recognises the importance of continuing professional development. Through ensuring the development of our staff we are better able to meet and exceed our shared aim of delivering the best possible student experience to our members, whilst also ensuring a content, satisfied staff team that values the investment made in their career development. 

We also strongly believe there is more to development that simply training courses. CPD activities might include:

  • Attendance and participation at Conferences/Seminars
  • Subscription to/reading of relevant publications
  • Visits/meetings with other SU
  • On-the-job training
  • E-learning

Training needs will be identified as a part of your PDR process with respect to your individual learning needs and the needs of the department. The HR Manager in conjunction with the Senior Management Team are responsible for determining organisational training priorities and budget will be allocated on this basis. 

Where you are seeking to attend a conference or undertake training a discussion should be had with your Line Manager. Subsequently a Training Review Form should be completed and returned to your Line Manager for further completion before being considered by the HR Manager. 

In some instances, particularly where there is a substantial financial outlay or substantial outlay in time resource away from work, you may be asked to complete a Learning Contract. This sets out the expectations the Students' Union has for how your development activity will benefit the organisation and any financial penalty that may arise due to a decision to leave the activity or leave the organisation.