Health & Wellbeing


The Health & Wellbeing Committee

The Students' Union holds a Health & Wellbeing Committee every 6 weeks with the purpose of ensuring that your experience with the Students' Union as an employee is one that is enjoyable and one that promotes a healthy work-life balance. 

The Committee organise a number of social events throughout the year including bowling, Christmal meals, karaoke and bingo at a subsidised price, alongside a series of campaigns and smaller activities including Secret Santa and a Bake Off Competition. 

The Terms of Reference for this Committee, which sets out their responsibilities and the framework in which they should organise their activites can be found in the resources section below. 


Your Committee Representatives

The Committee is comprised of representatives to reflect the views of all staff. These representative should consult you on what you want from your employee experience and suggestions and feedback for events, activities or campaigns should be provided to these persons. You can find your representative from the list below:

  • Membership Services: Kristie Thacker
  • Enterprises: Megan Corkram
  • Support Departments (Marketing & Communications, HR & Administration, Finance) : Sara Reboredo Magaz
  • Avenue Full-Time Staff: VACANT
  • Student Staff (Bar, Catering, Retail & Photography) : David Lewis, James Broomfield, James Channon, Korede Falana-Ajayi


Upcoming Social Activities and Events

Christmas Event Details will be released the week commencing 23 November.