Overtime & Time Off In Lieu


Working Overtime

The Students' Union promotes a healthy work-life balance, however, we know that sometimes large events or projects can necesitate working slightly longer hours than contracted, for example Freshers. Where you find yourself working longer than your contracted hours there are a number of ways to proceed. 


Flexible Working Hours

Many Students' Union departments offer flexible working hours within certain boundaries. If you have a large event or project coming up discuss with your Line Manager the opportunity to adapt your working hours to accomodate the extra workload. This is the Union's preferred mechanism by which to resolve any overtime undertaken. 


Time Off in Lieu

Where a person has accrued over 7 hours overtime the member of staff is eligible to take a day off of work in lieu of the work undertaken, also referred to as a 'TOIL Day.' Members of staff eligible to take a day are made aware by the HR Department at the end of each month and the day must be taken as soon as reasonably possible the following month. It should be borne in mind that TOIL Days do not accumulate, they expire at the end of the following month. 

For further information regarding Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) you can find the Students' Union's Policy HERE


Please note the Students' Union does not 'pay overtime.' One of the above mechanisms must be employed in discussion with your line manager.