Automatic Enrolment

Since April 2013, in order to help people save for retirement the Government has required all UK employers to automatically enrol their employees in a workplace pension scheme if they are not already in one. 

Automatic enrolment applies to those who:

  • earn over £9,440 a year from 6 April 2013
  • are aged 22 or over, and
  • are under state pension age

As such the vast majority of Career Staff will be automatically enroled in this scheme. A small minority of the Student Staff Team may find themselves eligible, you will be contacted by the HR Department if this applies. 


The Union's Pension Scheme

The Students' Union offers a generous twice matched pension contribution up to a maximum of 10%. This means if you contribute 5% of your salary to the workplace pension scheme the Students' Union will top it up with an additional 10%. If you contribute 2% the Union will top it up with 4% and so on. It's a simple and easy way to start saving up for your retirement. 

For more information on the Union's Pension Scheme read the Welcome Letter.