Sickness & Absence



The Union acknowledges that people all become ill occasionally and need to take time off work. Sick pay is provided so that people feel that they can take time off when they are genuinely not well. Absenteeism, however, can sometimes become a problem.

You should remember that you are part of a team of people and your absenteeism affects them. Your colleagues will have to cover for work that you are not able to do and this may ultimately affect the level of service that we are able to provide to our members.


Sickness Management

We recognise the need to treat all cases of sickness absence on an individual basis. The Union has a responsibility to ensure that all its employees are fit to work and to not expose staff to any work or activities which may endanger their health.

The aim of our sickness management procedure is to assist employees in returning to work and achieving an acceptable level of performance in turn ensuring that it is able to provide an optimum service to its members.

The diagram below illustrates how you should keep the Students’ Union informed of your illness.

Return to Work

When you return to work after a period of sickness you will have a meeting with the HR Manager who will fill in a return to work form.

The purpose of this meeting will be to establish the nature of your illness and to ensure that you are fit enough to resume your normal duties. If you are not fully fit then your manager may be able to make some adjustments to your normal working patterns or practices so that you do not become ill again. This is most likely to be necessary if you have been off work for a long time. These meetings will be used following an absence of any duration, even if you are just off for part of a day.