Strategy & Vision


As a Students' Union our mission is to ensure that every student has the best possible time whilst studying at the University of Northampton.

We are committed to ensuring that students have a positive, quality experience of the University and when engaging with the Union's services, such as our bars, retail outlets, Sports, Societies and Volunteer Projects. Further, we want to to provide opportunities for students to further their own development and enhance their employability skills, whether acting as a volunteer, a Committee Member of one of our student groups or as a paid, part time member of our Student Staff Team. 


For this reason we have spent the last 12 months consulting our students, our Committees, our staff and trustees as well as stakeholders from the University into what their vision for the Students’ Union is. What they hope for the Students’ Union to achieve next year, in three years and beyond. We’ve drawn all these threads together into what is our first ever Strategic Plan, a statement of who we are, our ambitions, goals and challenges we face in achieving them.

We believe this Strategic Plan embodies our values to its core and sets out a clear, yet ambitious direction for our organisation that is relevant, comprehensive and addresses the expectations of our members.