Where to Live


You can live wherever you wish but there are a lot of things to take into consideration such as transport, facilities, local shops and supermarkets.

Some of the most popular off-campus student locations for students at the University of Northampton are:

  • Kingsthorpe
  • Kingsthorpe Village
  • Semilong
  • Mounts
  • Kingsley
  • Abington



Kingthorpe is one of Northampton’s most popular student areas, with a wealth of shops including Boots, Asda and Waitrose on your doorstep and the University a short 5/10 minute walk away its easy to see why. Rent is a little more expensive than neighbouring Semilong, but if you like sleeping in - the University’s proximity could be worth it. It is the furthest area from the Town Centre - not a problem when the Uno Bus service is running, but remember to account for taxis on your way back from town at night!


Kingsthorpe Village

Kingsthorpe Village is located around a 5 to 10 minute walk from Waitrose and ASDA. This makes it ideal in terms of amenities and access to Park Campus which is a 15 minute walk away or 5 minutes by free bus. This part of Northampton is slightly further away from the Town Centre meaning taxis after nights out are likely to be more expensive than those located closer to Avenue Campus.



The Semilong area is another very popular student area with its close proximity to Avenue Campus and the last free bus stop into Park Campus (Barrack Road) it provides a great balance for students with friends that study at both campuses. There is also a local corner shop located on Semilong Road which has a cash point. For larger shops the ASDA and Waitrose are located on the free bus stop on the way to Park Campus. It is also only a 5-10 minute bus or taxi journey from the town centre providing a great balance of location. 



The Mounts is located across the racecourse from Avenue Campus which is around a 15 minute walk is ideal for Avenue Students and Park Students looking to commute to University. It is also located close to the Trilogy gym which has a swimming pool. Shops are slightly further away and can be difficult without a car with the free bus being a 15 minute walk away however there are a few local amenities to be keep yourself going and the town centre is just a short walk.



Kingsley is located close to the racecourse and is close to the white elephant pub and is around a 5 minute walk to the free bus stop, which is at the top of Kingsley Road. Kingsley is close to Kettering Road which has a range of shops bars and restaurants for a quiet night out. The main nightlife is slightly further away than the Mounts or Semilong but is still only 15 minutes away by taxi.



Abington is a slightly more expensive area of Northampton with some higher quality housing and has the lowest crime rate around the Northampton Town Centre. Abington also features Wellingborough Road which has a very wide variety of shops including Sainsburys Local and Tesco Express in addition to a wide selection of restaurants to choose from and is considered the place to go to if you are going out for a meal.