Who to Live With


If you’re moving out into private sector accommodation from University Halls of Residence, you will this time have the option of choosing who to live with!

Last year, you will have been allocated your flat and, for better or worse, your flatmates. These flatmates may have become your best friends, the glue that’s held your first year experience together, for some of you they may have been a smiling face when you’ve gotten in from class and still others may have found they didn’t share too much in common and never really “clicked.”

If you love your current flatmates and couldn’t even think of living with anyone else – fantastic, skip on to the next page! For those of you who have found their current flatmates a little noisy or messy, or have perhaps made some fantastic friends elsewhere this is a fantastic opportunity to address your living arrangements.

If you’ve become good friends with some of your course mates, they could make great housemates. You’ll have similar timetables, be able to support one another when it comes to your studies and exams, if your course incorporates placements its likely you’ll also have similar work patterns if you’re needing to get up early or work evenings.

However, do remember a good relationship in the classroom doesn’t always translate to a good one at home. You might both aspire to become leaders in business, but one of you might also enjoy going out a lot more often than the other. Be sure you are a good match.

Before committing to living with a group of people, consider how their actions may affect you and how yours may affect other people!. You can still be friends with people without living with them if you think that being flatmates will be detrimental to your friendship.

Things to consider would be:

  • Noisy friends
  • Messy friends
  • What hours do they like to socialise – e.g. are they a night owl or an early riser?
  • Do they have a boyfriend/girlfriend that will always be over?
  • Hobbies/interests – e.g. playing a musical instrument or spending hours on computer games
  • Personal hygiene
  • Smoking
  • Financial habits – are they likely to run out of money every week?
  • Eating habits – vegetarian, vegan, meat eaters – are you comfortable living with different types of eater to yourself?