Park Campus Library Foyer, 9am-4pm Donor Recruitment Drive

Park Campus Student’s Union, 9am-4pm charity cake Sale

Northampton Marrow is a student-run branch of Anthony Nolan. Throughout the year we run recruitment events, signing people onto the stem cell register via cheek swabs alongside raising money for the charity and raising awareness in our community. People with leukemia and other blood cancers often need a stem cell transplant as the last resort to saving their life.

However, 70% of people need an unrelated donor, and as donations are very specific, it is very difficult to find a match. One person may only have one match in the whole world! To increase chances of finding a match, we need as many people as possible on the register, so come along to our donor-recruitment event and join! Then pop in to the Student’s Union for a cake or other sweet treat as a reward. All funds raised will be helping towards our fight to save the lives of people with blood cancer.

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