Team Tickets

If you're a Varsity participant you'll find there is a ticket category just for your club, for example "American Football Players Only." As we have a limited number of tickets an allocation has been made to each club to guarantee every Club gets tickets. If you're playing, be sure to purchase a ticket from one of these Team Tickets. Note these will only appear to you if you have an active membership to that Sports Club on the Students' Union website. 



Spectator Tickets

We've a generous allocation of tickets for Spectators this year and you can purchase one of these for £10.20 with no booking fee! You'll have access to the great number of events across Park Campus, in addition to the Men's Football Final at Sixfield including transport to and from the venue.




Stallions Foam Fingers

The foam fingers are back! Show your support for the Stallions with a bright yellow foam finger to wave in Derby's face! Avalable at just £4.50!