Council 2 - 16 Nov '17










No new mandates. 

Updates required from last Council meeting, on mandates:

  1. All Sabbs – Updates Regarding Waterside, specifically:

‘To create a document which lists all of the questions which has been asked by students on waterside and then list the answers given. This then needs to be made available through the SU website.’


  1. VP Education – Video Mandate, specifically:

‘VP Education needs to create a video for Course reps so that they know how to complete the following on the SU website:

-How to access the VPE officer report

-How to access the Education Committee minutes, and where applicable Faculty rep reports

-How to access any policies, mandates, bye-law amendments or discussion points that are education based on the website.

-How to find contact details for the Faculty reps, VPE and the Student Voice coordinators.’


  1. President – World Mental Health Day, specifically:

‘That the President, for World Mental Health day in 2018, needs to create a campaign with others highlighting the following:

-the services available for students such as Nightline, Counselling, PAT’s etc

-That the SU sees the person rather than the mental illness and that it is an open and welcoming community.

-A petition or other form of activism to try and secure an additional counsellor due to excessive and therefore ineffective waiting times.

-a video which includes the exec team as this mandate has not been completed by the 2016-2017 exec team.

This campaign should include Park, Avenue and Moulton College.’









  • 1. Vote on Election Dates (Raf)


  • Term starts: 8th Jan
  • Announce elections: Mon 22nd Jan
  • Candidate Academy: Feb

-3 weeks since announcement-  

  • Nominations open: Mon 12th Feb

-7 days -

  • Nominations close: Mon 19th Feb
  • Candidate briefing (1): Tues 20th Feb AM
  • Candidate briefing (2): Weds 21st Feb PM
  • Question Time (Avenue): Tues 27th Feb
  • Question Time (Park): Thurs 1st Mar

-12 days worth of campaigning (minimum)-

  • Polling Opens: Mon 5th March



  • 2. Transgender toilets at Waterside (Sophie Turner)


  • 3. Vote for date on AGM meeting (Annual General Meeting) - proposed: Jan 25 2018

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