Council 5 - 22 Feb '18







  1. Sabbs and Waterside Mandate


All Sabbs – Updates Regarding Waterside, specifically:

‘To create a document which lists all of the questions which has been asked by students on waterside and then list the answers given. This then needs to be made available through the SU website.’


2. President and World Mental Health Day Mandate


‘That the President, for World Mental Health day in 2018, needs to create a campaign with others highlighting the following:

-the services available for students such as Nightline, Counselling, PAT’s etc

-That the SU sees the person rather than the mental illness and that it is an open and welcoming community.

-A petition or other form of activism to try and secure an additional counsellor due to excessive and therefore ineffective waiting times.

-a video which includes the exec team as this mandate has not been completed by the 2016-2017 exec team.

This campaign should include Park, Avenue and Moulton College.’

3. President Mandate on Policy Book

            The President of the student union must oversee the upkeep of this document, make sure that it is always up to date, make sure that staff and volunteers have a copy to reference either electronic or hard copy and make sure all members can download the document themselves.

​4.  Equal Access Mandate – all Sabbs

  1. For the sabbatical officers to sign and support an Equal Access proposal outlining the benefits of providing equal access to higher education to this university, and to liaise with STAR in the creation of this proposal.
  2. For the sabbatical officers to write a statement of support individually for the Equal Access campaign (100-200 words).
  3. To support campaigns on the national level for the equal access to higher education for students seeking refugee protection.
  4. To attend events in support of this campaign, e.g. University of Sanctuary – Open Meeting.


5. International Officer Mandate

            Organise with UCU Branch executive to raise awareness of the above issue and team up to put more pressure on the university to accept a meeting to discuss.  Publicise the university’s practices in regards to right to study checks.


6. Waterside’s provision of assistance for disabled students (3-part mandate).

Background: no support for disabled students for waterside for travel. A lot of anxiety is happening for 2nd year students because of moving to waterside.

1. Mandate Raf and Avinash to provide clarity on provision: 25 yes

2. Mandate Avinash for raising awareness about disability provision on Waterside: 25 yes 1 no

3. Vote on this as a mandate to ask why the below decisions were made or not considered: 26 yes

  • A proper provision needs to be sorted as soon as possible.
  • Avenue campus is very excluded from activities as it is, so it’s very worrying.
  • University haven’t taking things very seriously.
  • Waterside is the worst accessible building.


  1.  Waterside and sports - for VP UD and Sports Officer 

Mandate for someone from the university to ask about facilities, storage and waterside to come to AU meeting:











Minutes from 22 Feb meeting