Your Officers

Executive Officers 

The Executive Team (more commonly known as the Execs) is led by the President, and are all elected by students in the annual elections. Our two Vice Presidents, along with our President who look after specific areas within the Students' Union are all full-time employees and are paid. The students filling these roles are able to take a year out from their studies (or immediately after they graduate) to give their undivided attention to running your Students' Union.

The University of Northampton Students' Union is led by students, supported by staff and volunteers... but what does that really mean? Simply put, a team of Elected Officers comprising 3 full time Sabbatical Officers and a number of voluntary Part Time Officers, ensure the Students' Union reflects what you want of it. 

Each Officer will have set out what they want to achieve in their Election manifestos when running for the position and are mandated to work on these issues, however, they will also ensure that they listen to you, whether through social media, surveys or in person, and that your concerns and ideas for improvement are addressed throughout the year. 

The Officers have regular meetings with decision-makers at all levels of the University, including the Vice-Chancellor, and sit on some of the most important committees at the University that have a direct impact on your experience as a student. 

The Students' Union is the authoratitive voice of the student body and your Officers, as the Union's elected representatives are speaking for you and every student at the University of Northampton - so make sure they know what is important to you by getting in touch and that they are held to account for the work they have promised to undertake. 

Sabbatical Officers

You'll have likely seen the Sabbatical Officers' photos before - they're everywhere - but these Elected Officers are full time, paid members of staff of the Students' Union. Once elected they take a year out of their studies, or take office immediately following their Graduation if they're in third year, such that they can give the role their full and undivided attention. They work hard with our Part Time Officers, Course Reps, Sports and Society Committee members to represent the student body and ensure the best possible experience at Northampton. 

Part Time Officers

Our Part Time Officers undertake their roles on a voluntary basis alongside their studies and have specific remits related to Students' Union service provision or specific demographic or liberation groups. These include: LGBTQ Students, Black Minority Ethnic Students, students with disabilities, students studying at partner colleges, Mature Students, Postgraduate Students, Sports, societies, Environmental Sustainability and Entertainments. These roles provide a fantastic opportunity for students to create change in a specific area they are passionate about and gain some excellent employability skills.

You can find out more about the Part Time Officers currently in post in the left hand menu. 

Executive Officer Meetings

Every month your Exec team meet to discuss their projects and priorities as your elected Officers. You can find what was discussed in each meeting here.

Psst.. Think they should be doing something else or aren't fulfilling their role? Hold them to account through Councillors who sit on Student Council.