• Avinash Sheo-Rattan
  • Disabled Students' Officer
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Hello everyone! My name is Avi, currently studying to become a Learning Disability Nurse, from Herne Bay. I want to make a change within the university and make students with a disability or any long-term health illness to feel like they have a representative, someone that will understand them and help make their voices heard across the university. I passionately believe that everybody, regardless of disability, has the right to be treated equally to their peer group, to have the same opportunities and expectations as any able-bodied person and to make everyone feel more part of the university community.

  • Recognise Disability History Month - 22nd November to 22nd December, celebrate the achievements and experiences of our student community and host inclusive events.
  • Raise awareness of Mental Health – Create a safe environment to talk about this illness and promote the services available at the university and direct any students struggling with their mental health to one of these services.
  • Improve Campus Accessibility – Ensuring every student has the same access to everything the university has to offer and to facilitate this with the move to Waterside in 2018.