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  • Alex Tomkins
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Hi! My name is Alex, I’m a 4th year Psychology student from Tamworth, and this year I have the honour of also being your Entertainments Officer! I ran for the role as I have worked behind the bar at various events at the Students Union for the last 3 years, and so this year I felt the knowledge and experience I have gained from this makes me perfectly suited to the role. We all love a great evening of entertainment, and I know that this year I’m the guy who can deliver that to you!

This year I aim to give the students a greater say in the entertainment the Students Union provide for them throughout the year. I will be hosting drop-in sessions across both campuses every month that gives students the opportunity to have their voices heard at planning meetings for the events the SU will be hosting each term. I also aim to host various events throughout the year, from quiz nights to movie marathons. Finally, I would like to introduce more variety in the themes and music at Insane Tuesday’s every week, to ensure you get a truly unique experience each week!