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  • Anastasia Ngon
  • International Students' Officer
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I am an MBA student, currently on a placement year towards an MBA qualification.

I am an International student from Nigeria.


I decided to run for this role because, I am an international student who has shared the same experiences, the challenges in getting settled into a whole new life as well as the interesting experiences. This is why I want to help make other international students experiences, memorable and less stressful.

I am passionate about this role because it gives me the opportunity to make necessary changes that will be beneficial to wider body of international students. 

In my year of office I intend to make the experience of international students less stressful by creating a platform where international students can be heard and helped in all things especially with settling into the United Kingdom, integrating, solving student related issues, help International Students understand university policies, take advantage of opportunities available to them e.g. changemaker and help with the increasing uncertainties in the political front.

Activities will include:

  • Weekly drop in sessions in the SU building or Pavilion where students can pop in to share their views or seek help if need be. This ideas will analysed and taken up to relevant authority where necessary.
  • To attend conferences on international students, to gain insight and understanding to further help the international student body.
  • Host International Students’ events organised in conjunction with FISH and ideas from the students’ body about what they want.
  • I hope to create awareness of this office by making help available for international students thereby acting as a safe haven for them.
  • The office is open to elevate the international student body by offering support in all areas and promoting equal opportunities.