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As from my title, I am based at moulton and study BSc Applied Animal Studies, but when not at university I’m from good ol’ Somerset! Being an active part of the student side of University life, I saw a distinct divide between those at Moulton and those at Northampton. I decided I wanted to run for the Moulton College Executive officer to try and supply an experience catered to all, from improving mental health services available to ensuring societies/ sports groups are advertised so you are kept up to date.

As Moulton College officer I aim to serve the Moulton student body and Northampton student body, bridging the gaps between the two locations. But, I will initially ensure Moulton college student voices are heard to ensure the students get the full University experience. I aim to improve mental health campaigning and financial advice/ aid, and focus on really integrating moulton students to the activities and societies of University of Northampton. I hope to solidify the link between the two establishments and ensure moulton college students and Northampton students have the time of their lives.