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Hi my Name is Rebecca, and I have just finished my undergraduate degree in English With Film and Screen Studies, and am now studying an MA in International Relations. I decided to run for the role of Postgraduate Students Officer as I believe that Postgraduate Students need a more structured representation system within the student’s union. I am passionate about creating change, and within the Postgraduate part of The University, there are unique opportunities for Postgraduate Students to work well with the SU. Therefore, I want to help to make this happen.

My main aim for the year is to set up a postgraduate committee, which will help representation within the Postgraduate sector. I also want to help those who are applying for postgraduate courses as well as feedbacking their needs into our Sports, Societies and Volunteering, to help accommodate for those who are studing at postgraduate level who still want to get involved with the SU. Hopefully, this means that Postgraduates can become more integrated into our SU, on both a social and representational level.