• Natasha Theophilus
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Hi there, I am Tasha and I am your current Societies Officer. 
I'm from Kent (No I would not consider myself to be posh - but I do have manners) and I've done a BSc on Psychology with Counselling. 

I have decided to run for the role as Societies Officer as I would like to make a difference! I personally believe this university is great and there should be more recognition for it. One of the great things about this university would be the fact that sports AND societies are free and therefore I would like to convince more people to take advantage of the free societies and have a great university experience from it. I'm also a very social creature, I would love to chat with you and get to know you via social media, email or face to face if you are interested in joining a society/part of society committee as well as to help with your ideas and issues in regarding to a society. 

My manifesto points are I) to make sure the Waterside facilities that are assigned for a society are well suited for them,

2) to find out YOUR opinion and collect survey data 

3) to understand the individual societies and determine what aspects make up the society and use that information to help people wanting to join a society but are unsure what they want. 

Additionally, I also would like to encourage more people to join societies via group activities and events (and bring some banter)! Team work between me and societies committee is desirable, communication will bring success!