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Hi, I'm Gemma and I'm a 4th year student studying Human Bioscience. I decided to run for my role as Sports Officer as I have been part of a few teams at my time here at University and have had the honour of being President of my own Boxing team for 2 years and want to do more for sport at Northampton. I am dedicated to my role as I love everything about my sports whether it be playing matches, socials or charity events and like to be involved with as much as I can.

My ultimate goal this year is to work with the teams to find out what changes they would like to implement throughout the year. I want more sports to be running their own fundraisers to get more funding for their teams and enable them to progress to higher funding levels the following year. The funding system currently in place will be the biggest challenge but I know that by getting student feedback and working with the SU team we can develop a better system for all sports.