What Are The Elections?


Each year, the University of Northampton Students' Union opens its doors to new students putting themselves forward for a leadership role within the Union. This is one of the biggest opportunities to get involved in, where the new Union Officers are chosen to lead the Students' Union and represent the student body. 

4 of these are our Sabbatical Officers, full time, paid roles to direct the Students' Union. Chosen by their peers in a campus-wide vote, the winners will lead a multi-million pound organisation and represent the 15,000 strong student body to the University and community. 

Where we feel there is a need for stronger representation - you'll find a Part Time Officer role. These voluntary roles, offer a fantastic opporunity for our students to make a real change to student life and gain employability skills that will boost their CV in the process. All University of Northampton Students are eligible to run for these roles and vote for their preferred candidate. 

Lastly, our 1400 Sports Club members and 1800 Society members will elect who they want to lead their respective student groups for the next academic year. You need to be a member of the Sport or Society to be eligible to run or vote - so ensure you have done so formally online, as you should have done at the start of the year - or you'll be unable to. 

You can find out more about any of these roles by visiting our Roles Page.