Why Do Elections Matter?


Led by students, backed by volunteers and staff, the University of Northampton Students’ Union exists to ensure that a student’s time at the University is the best it can possibly be.

Our Student Officers lead an organisation that delivers services and opportunities including sports, societies, advice and representation, our retail outlets and our nightclub to a vibrant community of 15,000.

They are elected to represent YOUR interests and provide feedback to the University on the matters that are important to YOU. 

Our Sabbatical Officers sit on the University's highest committees including the Student Experience Committee (dealing with academic matters with respect your course), Senate (the University's highest committee) and even chair the Operational Student Experience Working Group (where problems relating to matters such as catering, the busses and library are discussed). 

Whilst you might not involve yourself in Students' Union activities such as Sports Clubs or Societies, we can all agree that ensuring your voice and feedback is heard by the University is VERY important and its for that reason that it is equally important that you vote in the elections and ensure that the right candidate is chosen to represent you.

Your Officers can make a big difference. Do you want to risk the development of your student experience to just anyone? The best way to get the change that you want to see is by electing people who represent your views