Why Run In The Elections?

Create Change

Had a moan about campus life at Northampton? Well now's your chance to do something about it. Officers have the ability to make very real change happen – both in the SU and at the University. Plenty of the things which are now taken for granted were started by former Officers. So if you want to see something on campus changed, or improved then take the reins and put yourself forward to be the Union's next hero. 

Direct the Union

The Sabbatical Officers make big decisions about the direction of the Students' Union on a daily basis. This isn't just limited to small day to day issues, but larger, strategic decisions, such as the recent decision to tender for the new UniExpress outlet and what the Students' Union offer on the new Waterside Campus in 2018 will be. The Students' Union is a multi-million pound organisation. How many recent graduates can be said to be directing one?  

Boost Your CV With Employability Skills & Leadership Roles!

Whether running for a Sabbatical Officer or a Part Time Officer, you'll be learning and developing transferable skills that will greatly aid you in your future careers. What's more 72% of employers would rather employ a student with voluntary experience such as that gained through our Elected positions PLUS by recording your volunteer hours you'll be eligible for a number of Students' Union and University awards that will greatly enhance your CV.

It Pays!

If you're running for a Sabbatical Officer, it literally pays - over £19,000 in fact. Not bad for your first job out of Uni.