Elections Jargon Explained


What is a Single Transferable Vote?

STV, or Single Transferable Vote, is a system of preferential voting designed to minimise 'wasted' votes and provide proportional representation. You can find out more about how this works in practise by visiting our page explaining STV


Who is RON?

RON isn't actually a candidate – it stands for Re-Open Nominations. You can put RON as a preference if you feel that the remaining candidates are not suitable for the position.

Voting RON is an active vote against the other candidates – it's not an expression of indifference.

If Re-Open Nominations is elected to a position then nominations for that post are re-opened at a later date. 


Whats 'quorum' mean?

Quorum is the minimum number of votes that have to be cast in order for the election to be valid. We don't think it's particularly democratic if a handful of people decide who your lead representatives are so quorum figures are outlined in the governing documents to make sure your Officers are legitimate.

What's a Manifesto?

Each candidate is able to put a manifesto together. This is essentially where they outline what their pledges are i.e. what they're promising to do if elected and summarise any experience they think is relevant.

They can be found online through the voting portal.