How Do I Vote?


Voting online is real simple. Just follow these 5 easy steps!


1. Sign In

You will only be able to participate in our elections, if you are logged in to our website. Find the Sign In button in the top right hand corner of the page and subsequently press the big red Student Login button. You should login using the same credentials as you do for University machines and NILE.


2. Visit the Elections Page

Visit our elections page and click VOTE from the menu bar you will only be able to view and vote in elections for which you are eligible. If you believe you should be eligible to vote in an election you cannot see, please email the Marketing & Communications Manager, by emailing


3. Vote Now!

Find the election you are interested in voting in, we frequently run elections concurrently e.g. Sports Club and Society Elections alongside the Students' Union Executive Elections, so you may have a number to choose from. Once you've found the election you want, click the Vote Now button.


4. Start Voting

Select the Start Voting button. You'll be taken through all the positions available in this election and be asked to rank the candidates in order of preference. 


5. Let others know about the Elections!

The Student Officers elected in Students' Union Elections run our Sports, Societies, represent your course, lead the Students' Union and ultimately shape the Student Experience that you receive at the University. They are important and they do affect you. Let others know and remind them to vote.