What is a Single Transferable Vote?


Single Transferable Vote (STV) is a proportional representation voting system. Candidates don’t need a simple majority of the votes but instead a “quota” or proportion of the vote which is determined by the number of votes cast and the number of posts to be filled.

When voting you will be asked to list your candidates in order of your preference (first, second, third and so on). You can vote for as many of the Candidates as you want from just one candidate to all of them. Check the video below (made by Wolverhampton Student Union) for an explanation of how we work out who wins.

Each vote can transfer from your first-preference to your second-preference so if your preferred Candidate has no chance of being elected or has enough votes already your vote is transferred to another Candidate in accordance with your instructions.

STV ensures that very few votes are wasted, unlike other systems, especially First Past the Post, where only a small number of votes actually contribute to the result.